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Mary-Jane Simms, Principal, St Mary’s Primary School, NSW

Hello Caroline. Thankyou for your effort and persistence to help me. Our Diocese (Wagga Wagga) went as a block to the conference (ACU – 5th International Conference on Catholic Educational Leadership) and one common comment amongst us at the end of the conference was of your professionalism. You should be proud!

Elouise McCallum, Business Manager for Matt Church

Caroline is seriously one of the most extraordinary PCO’s we have ever had the opportunity to work with.

In Matt Church’s office we have certainly come across our fair share of Professional Conference Organisers and I can honestly say that I found Caroline to be the most organised that I have come across. So amazingly pro-active, Caroline does an incredible job of keeping the complexities of any event absolutely streamlined.

Thanks so much Caroline for everything. We very much look forward to working with you again in the future.

Joseph Younis, Head of Business Development, Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund

“Caroline thank you for your assistance with our Gold Sponsorship of this successful event. I have been to quite a few conferences in my time but none as well run and professional as the ACU Leadership Conference. Congratulations to you and your team. I certainly do hope to catch up with you again at another event in the future”.

Ms Mary-Anne Waldren, Executive Director, Australian Science Festival

“Caroline is a wonderful operator. I would engage with her on any project again in the future. We worked together to combine the CRC Association Conference and the Australian Science Festival this year. What a team. Caroline is a truly organised and cooperative person who I would highly recommend.”

Kasy Chambers, Executive Director, Anglicare Australia

“Thank you for your efficient and warm management of the Anglicare Australia Conference. Your management of the event enabled me to sit back and not worry!”

Dr Anne Campbell, Executive Manager, CRC Association

“We have used Caroline to help us organise our national annual conference for the past 6 years. We were guided initially in our selection by one of our CRCs and have not been disappointed.

We like:

• The prompt service and response
• The attention to detail
• The attention to budgeting and financial matters
• Being on Caroline’s radar screen
• Feeling we are her only client
• Caroline’s cheerfulness

Nothing is too much bother.”

Professor Mike Hood, Ph.D. CEO, CMTE (now CRCMining)

“Positive feedback continues to roll into our offices regarding our recently held conference. The Cooperative Research Centre for Mining Technology & Equipment owes you considerable thanks for a job superbly well done.

This is the second time I have been extremely impressed with your work. Both at the AUSIMM conference and the 6th PACRIM Water Jetting Technology Conference you showed a high level of professionalism and an attention to detail which ensured both events went off ‘without a hitch’.
To say though that there were no problems would be to understate the things you did to add value to each delegate’s experience, such as the pre-conference assistance you provided to many and the warm and friendly way in which you greeted participants both on their arrival and throughout the conference.

I would especially like to thank you for your conduct in liaising with staff members from the CMTE. I had thought it was going to be difficult to organise a conference in Sydney with myself and my staff based in Brisbane and focused on other projects. However, your flexibility in working with us and the relevance and timing of your communications moved us through the decision process with ease.

Thank you for making my team look so good, and ensuring delegates had an enjoyable and extremely rewarding experience.”

Fiona Archer, Convenor, AUSIMM Conference

“Caroline was hired by the Australian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy to assist in the co-ordination of the annual conference. Her role involved a broad range of activities including advising on graphic design of marketing material, organising accommodation for delegates, managing communication between committee members, selecting entertainment etc. She performed all these tasks extremely professionally, with diligence, patience and a high level of competency.

Caroline made herself available after hours and was always cheerful. She had a very good eye for detail and was very creative.

On behalf of the entire Committee, we highly recommend Caroline to assist you as a conference manager.”