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14 Questions

You MUST Ask Yourself BEFORE Planning Your Event


  • Why are you holding your event/conference/incentive?
  • How is your event structured?
  • Why is it structured this way?
  • Would it be better if it was different?
  • How could you change it?
  • Just because your speakers have great qualifications, doesn’t mean they are qualified to speak! Please consider carefully who you ask to speak at your event. If they are not great presenters ask someone else and think about using the original person to answer questions on the topic instead.
  • Look at what you’ve got currently, then turn it around 1800. How can you make it work for you now? Look at through Richard Branson’s eyes or Walt Disney’s or Steve Jobs. Think Virgin Airline Group, think Apple think Disneyland. How would they approach your business, your industry, your event?
  • Save us from “Death by PowerPoint”! Please!!
  • What are your objectives for the event?
  • What profit/surplus are you aiming for? Why?
  • How long is the event?
  • How many speakers do you envisage?
  • Are you doing it this way because that’s the way it’s always been done?
  • How would you describe your event to a 5 year old?